Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

Eucharistic Ministers

 March 18  5:15pm  W. & B. Wall, D. & M.A. O'Keeffe

March 19  8:30 am  D. Draper, J.& J. Webb, C. Martin, S. Singleton

March 19   11:00  F. Rigby, C. & H. Robb, M. Franklin,  P. Avery

March 25  5:15 pm   W. & B. Wall, D. Duesing, M.A. Reed, B. Thomson

March 26  8:30 am  M. May, Sr. Betty, E. Thompson, S. Gefell, A. Kerr

March 26  11:00 am   S. Alexander, V. Pastore, D. & S. Bragg



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