Audio Visual Equipment Needs

Dear Parishioners,

 It’s hard to believe that August is nearing its end!  We are gearing up for a new year of religious education, with classes starting on September 17th.   Unfortunately, some of our audio visual equipment is in dire need of replacement and we are appealing to you for assistance.   We need to replace our 2 TVs (which are over 15 years old) and VHS players.   We would like to purchase 2 “smart” tvs and 2 DVD players.  For mobility throughout Dorsey Hall and the Church, we will need TV carts and safety straps. We would also like to purchase an LED projector and set of speakers.  The approximate cost for all of these components is $1200.00.  It would be a tremendous help if you are able to help offset any of these expenses.  And, of course, your cash donation is tax deductible.  If you would like more information, please contact Marisa Cupps at [email protected] or call 329-0473.