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May 31, 2020 - Pentecost Sunday

Posted by Fr. James Griffin on 5/28/20

The feast of Pentecost (otherwise known as the birth of the Christian church) denotes the end of the Easter Season on the Church calendar. Think of what Lent and Easter have been for us this year – with the virus, separation, distancing – just the opposite of what Church ... Read More »

Seventh Sunday of Easter - May 24, 2020

Posted by Fr. James Griffin on 5/22/20

In this weekend’s Gospel, Jesus speaks of his disciples and his relationship with them.  It could just as easily be about ourselves, and our relationship with the Lord.  The disciples were so lucky to be in the very physical presence of Jesus.  He was intimate with them, and a ... Read More »

Sixth Sunday of Easter - May 17, 2020

Posted by Fr. James Griffin on 5/16/20

One of the truths about the Jewish people is that they had a special place for the law.  The Torah is the body of Law in the Hebrew scriptures, the Decalogue or the ten commandments were the touchstone of morality, and there were certain procedures – even the eating ... Read More »

Fifth Sunday of Easter - May 10, 2020

Posted by Fr. James Griffin on 5/06/20

Gospel - John 14:1-12

My first impression of this Gospel is that it is about the Holy Trinity.  God is creator, God is redeemer, and God is present to us as Spirit.  Then I remember who Jesus and Paul were speaking to: Jews, Greeks, and new Christians.  The Jews ... Read More »