Children's Worship Bulletin

Dear Families:

We're excited to announce the availability of Children's Worship Bulletins for children ages 3-6 and 7-12.  The Bulletins are lectionary-based, so they complement the Sunday readings your child has heard proclaimed.  Each bulletin has 4 panels packed with Bible-based games and activities children love.  As a bonus, you can access Children’s Worship Bulletins@Home, an interactive site that allows kids to enter a parish specific code to play games that correspond with the current week’s bulletin. Online games keep the learning going all week long.

This code is unique to our church and allows SAFE and secure access to online games that reinforce the Gospel message for the week. You can continue Bible learning and discussion at home - while protecting children from the hazards of general Internet game sites.

                 Step 1:   A digital version is available to anyone who would like a copy.  If you would like to receive the weekly bulletin, please email Marisa Cupps                                  at mcupps@saintpaulscc.com. 

                 Step 2:   Enter the code at Games.Childrens Bulletins.com

                 Step 3:   Choose from Gems of the Bible, Coloring Book, Memory Match or Word Search, and play.

We hope you’ll use it as a resource to help your child understand the good news of the Gospel!  If you have any questions, please contact Marisa Cupps at mcupps@saintpaulscc.com or call 329-0743, ext 116.