Ministry: Home Again

Home Again Ministry
St. Paul’s Social Justice Committee participates in Home Again, a transitional housing program.  The Men's/ Veterans Shelter houses 20 men with eight beds dedicated to U.S. Military Veterans. In 2022 the shelter privided crisis housing to 123 men and 46 veterans.  Services within the shelter include up to 90 days of crisis housing, case management, search assistance for housing and jobs, workplace development, substance use prevention and mental health support.  Home Again assists individuals in successfully rebuilding their lives to achieve stable housing.

St. Paul's volunteers provide and serve dinner for 30 adult men, once a month on a rotating basis.  The men have jobs, but cannot afford apartment rent.  Most residents are veterans.  Volunteers purchase the food for the dinners and help to prepared the meal.  Monetary donations from parishioners in the monthly Blue envelopes financially support this ministry.  All support in making Home Again a successful ministry is greatly appreciated.

Time Commitment: 4 hours a month

Contact: Sally Harrison at 804) 241-6654 or sally.harrison1107@gmail.com